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Before booking a tour or a trek, please take time to read the appropriate details. If you have any further questions before booking, please E mail us.

      Tour Details
      Trekking Details
      Payment Details
      Cancellation & Refund Policy

Tour Details

The following services are included in the cost of the Half Day and One Day Tours:

The following items are not included in the cost of the Half Day and One Day Tours:

NB    There can be no refund for services included in the cost of the tour, that are not used by clients.


Trekking Details

The following services are included in the cost of the treks:

The following items are not included in the cost of the treks:

NB All people are expected to carry their own personal provisions and sleeping bag during the trek. However, you may hire your own personal porter for a small additional cost.
Please note, that as with the tours, there can be no refund for services included in the price of the treks, that are not used by clients.

Dietary Specifications - When booking a trek, please tell us about any relevant aspects of your diet (vegetarian, vegan, food allergies, etc.)

The personal provisions that you will need to take with you, vary depending on the season. When you book your trek we will advise you about necessary provisions to take on the trek and provide you with full details.


Payment Details

The first step to book a tour or trek, is to fill in the reservation form for the appropriate trip or to confirm by email. We will confirm your reservation within 24hrs, with an E mail that gives all details of the trip + a booking number. We then require you to send a deposit (normally 30% of trip cost - or US$50 if the deposit comes to less than that sum). You have a number of options for paying the deposit:

- pay by credit card, using our online payment service through Thaiepay.
- pay by bank to bank transfer : if you reside in Thailand and have a Thai account there are only the local transfer fees applicable to the transfer which are very small; however from international accounts the transfer fee is quite substantial.
For UK account holders we provide the option of transfer to our UK acct which usually doesn't entail a transfer fee.

If you would like to send your deposit by bank to bank transfer please E mail us for bank account details.

  Please note that you should send payment for the deposit at least 1 week before your tour date. Once we have received your deposit and processed the payment, we will send you a voucher stating how much you have paid and how much the remaining balance is. This voucher will also have other necessary details, such as where we will meet you, who will meet you and the details of your itinerary.
A representative of our company, will meet you at the predetermined meeting point, where you can pay the balance due. You will then receive a receipt for the tours you have booked.

For tours that do not start in Chiang Mai we require a deposit (this can be paid by bank to bank transfer, postal money order or credit card). As above, you will receive a voucher stating what payments have been made, your meeting point and your tour itinerary details. If you wish to pay the remaining balance at the start of the tour, you will have to do so in cash. Alternatively you can pay the entire balance by credit card using our online system. Bookings are not confirmed until deposit is received. In paying the deposit, the client is agreeing to abide by the Terms and Conditions set out by Wayfarers Travel.


Cancellation & Refund Policy

If you should decide to cancel your tour/trek with us, the refund policy for deposits is as follows:

If the cancellation policy for your particular trip should be different from above we will notify you in the booking confirmation. 


Wayfarers Travel is licensed with the Tourism Authority of Thailand. License no. 22/0021
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