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South Seas Trading Company
is a wholesaler and retailer of Thai handicrafts . We specialise in silver jewelry, silk products, hemp products and saa paper products.

We have been exporting Thai handicrafts into the USA for over 15 years and we supply  many large and small shops all over USA and Canada. From our website you can order our Thai hilltribe silver jewelry, Thai cotton bags, Thai hemp bags and Thai silk products (including scarves); please just browse through our catalogues. We now have hilltribe silver jewelry, silk products, cotton products (mostly bags) and hemp bags available for online ordering, please just enquire for more details or use the shopping cart to order. We also sell some products retail so if you are looking for gifts you can purchase them here.

Visit our catalogues for more details:


For details on our ordering process

If you have any enquiries about products from Northern Thailand , then please go to the Export Enquiry Form at the bottom of the page.

New - featured products. To give buyers an idea of what kind of products are available, every month we will be featuring items made in Northern Thailand. Press Ctrl+D to bookmark this site and come back to see products that you can buy here.

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This month's featured products:
Hilltribe Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry made by the Karen hilltribe of Northern Thailand.

If you would like to place an order or make an enquiry about our products please see the forms below.

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This month's new products:


Striking Thai silk wallets. Go to Silk Catalogue for more details.

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Origin of the Products

Our products originate in Northern Thailand and are all made by the local people. Our hilltribe silver is all made by the Karen people and provides much needed income in the villages. It also enhances community life, as villagers don't have to leave the area to find jobs. By purchasing the crafts that we have on this website you are supporting the skills and livelihoods of many Northern Thailand communities.


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When you place your order, we will reply to you within 48hrs. We will then let you know how long it will take to process your order. If items are unavailable or in some way different to those advertised we will let you know at this point. All the items are handcrafted and it is difficult to replicate designs and colours exactly in some of the products.

For convenience you can use our Online Shopping Cart to order.
1.  Simply fill in the appropriate quantity and Add to Cart. 
2.  When you are ready to order or would like to check what you have ordered so far then "Check out now".
3.  After checking on the total on the Manage your Cart page you can either return to order more items or proceed with check out.
4. On the Check Out page you will be asked for your contact details, please just fill these in and Submit.
NB Payment details are not requested with your order. Your order will be checked by our office staff and you will receive a confirmation e mail asking you to confirm the items you ordered are correct. You will then be informed of the time frame & payment details.

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Quality Control

Merchandise is checked before it is shipped out to you. Everything leaves our office in perfect condition. 

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Packing and Shipping

We pack the items according to the materials being shipped and in the most cost efficient way regarding size and weight. We can use either the post office service or more usually we use one of the express carriers such as UPS or DHL.

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Doing business and ordering from home

Most of our customers are business people with little time to travel and want to receive goods as quickly as possible with minimum hassle. We provide a quick and convenient service for purchasing quality goods. You can buy our crafts at either wholesale or retail prices. Orders must be a minimum value of US$300/shipment for wholesale prices to apply. There is no minimum for retail purchases.

  • we have an up to date catalogue of available products online for you to browse through

  • we are always contactable by E mail, fax or telephone, to update you on the progress of your order

  • if you need to buy a large supply for your shop or simply one item for a present, we can help you

  • our catalogue is constantly updated to show you the latest designs and newest products available

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For more information please fill in the form below or E mail us


Export Enquiry Form

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Hemp Products Scarves
Please fill in any details about products you are interested in below:

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products on our catalogue pages, please give us reference numbers and quantities or use the shopping cart:



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South Seas Trading Company
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