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Top 10 Hotels to stay at while on a Chiang Mai tour
Mandarin Oriental Dhara Devi
Yangcome Village
Lanna Mantra
Royal Princess Hotel
Empress Hotel
D2 Hotel
Tamarind Village
Amora Tapae Hotel


Whitewater Rafting

Chiang Mai Whitewater Rafting trip. International standard rafting - daily trips from June - February.


Rafting Tours

Rafting Tours around Chiang Mai - both whitewater and bamboo rafting.


Hilltribe trekking and tours. A range of treks and tours that include visits to hilltribe villages.

Chiang Mai Trekking - choices
One Day Treks
One Day Trek - Taste of Trekking
One Day Trek - Hilltribe Explorer
One Day Trek - Mini Adventure
One Day Trek - Hilltribe Trail
One Day Trek - Leg Stretcher
One Day Trek - Northern Thailand Adventure Trail
Two Day Treks
Two Day Trek - Hilltribe and River Adventure
Two Day Trek - Encounter with Nature
Two Day Trek - Hilltribe Overnight Stay
Two Day Trek - Chiang Dao Explorer
Two Day Trek - Lisu Homestay
Two Day Trek - Hilltribe Variety Trek
Three Day Treks
Three Day Trek - Rural Siam
Three Day Trek - Lanna Trail
Three Day Trek - Doi Inthanon Trekking Adventure
Three Day Trek - Chiang Dao Adventure Trail

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Q  I am interested in your tours and treks, and would like to know the price. Where can I find the price?
A  The prices of our half day, one day tours, longer tours and our treks can be found on the itinerary  pages of each tour (prices are quoted in US Dollars). If you would like to know the price of  a customised itinerary, then please just E mail us.

Q  What is your minimum group size for a tour or trek?
A  Our minimum group size is normally two people. However it is possible to organise a half day or one day tour for one person.

Q  Will we be joined with other groups during the tour?
A  All our tours and treks are for private groups. This means that you will be travelling as a private group throughout the tour. The only time you might be combined with other people is during airport transfers (airport-hotel, hotel-airport). Because our trips are for private groups, it means that everyone can enjoy their own personal itinerary and have their own guide to accompany them and explain everything in full. Because our tours are for private groups, it means once your tour has been confirmed by us, the departure is guaranteed and your itinerary will not be compromised to fit in with other peoples' plans.

NB. On the cookery courses, you will be joining other people for the course.

Q  Will we have the same guide throughout the trip?
A  Whenever possible you will have the same guide throughout your trip. Of course sometimes we may have to change your guide due to unforeseeable circumstances, such as illness or family commitments. However your guide will not be changed unless it's absolutely necessary.

Q  Are your guides well qualified?
All our guides are licensed by the Tourist Authority of Thailand. As well as that, they are all very experienced. Some of them have 10-20 years experience guiding around Thailand. Some of them have very high educational qualifications. All of our guides have to match up to the standards we expect, before we let them guide one of our tours.

Q  We are travelling with children; is Northern Thailand a suitable place for a holiday?
A  Many people travel to Northern Thailand with children. Accommodation and food are very good. There are many department stores and pharmacies, where you can find anything you might need. We have designed many tour programmes for people travelling with children, so we have a good idea of what kind of programme you might require.

Q  We are already in Thailand and would like to book one of your tours/treks. Is this too short a notice to book?
A  We have organised many tours at short notice. Contact us with your details and we will try and confirm the trip that you require. Please, if it's really short notice, then telephone us, that will be the quickest and most efficient way to work everything out and confirm if its possible. Our telephone number is on almost every page of our website.   
Calling from Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand = 053 208271
Calling from Thailand, but not the North = 053 208271

Q  We need to book accommodation in Northern Thailand, what do you recommend?
A  Look at our Chiang Mai Hotels section. If you would like to make a booking then fill out the appropriate booking form or E mail us. If you would like to book a hotel that is not in our selection, then please just contact us, we will try to organise it for you.

Q  Where is your company based?
A  We are based in Chiang Mai. Therefore we're in the best position to know all the up to date information on Northern Thailand and to research all our trips.

Q  Have you been to all the places that you include in your itineraries?
A  We've been to all the places in our itineraries and along the routes they follow. We personally research every trip and destination. We take all the photos and gather all the information ourselves.

Q  Is it possible to start our tour, somewhere other than Chiang Mai?
A  Yes, you can book a tour with us that starts in another town/city. This kind of tour will be a customised itinerary and when the details are finalised we will make it clear where the starting point is; that is where your guide and driver will pick you up.
Common destinations to start a tour, other than Chiang Mai, are: Bangkok, Phitsanuloke, Sukothai, Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son.

Q  We would like to do a trek, but we are not very fit. Is it still possible?
A  We have  some One Day Treks that would be suitable for you. You will still get to see the hilltribes, ride on elephants and experience bamboo rafting. But you don't have to walk much at all, just an hour if that's all you require (or you can walk more).

Q  We are really short of time and we'd like to do a trek. Can you help us?
A If you are reasonably fit but short of time, then we can organise a trek to fit your schedule. Two day itineraries will probably suit you best but if you only have one day then we can adjust the itinerary so that you do more walking than usual (see CMT1C).

Q  We would like to do the Thai Cookery Course, but we're vegetarian. Is this a problem?
A  Many people doing the courses are vegetarian. Plenty of vegetarian substitutes are offered; you will see that Thai food can easily be adapted to vegetarian tastes.

Q  We are coming to Thailand as a large group; is it still possible to organise an itinerary for us?
A  Yes we can also organise tours and treks for large groups. Just let us know how many people in your group and the type of itinerary you would like.

Q  We arrive on the same day we start our trek - is that a problem?
A  That's fine; we have somewhere for you to shower and pack before you leave on the trek.

Q  We leave on the same day we finish our trek - is that a problem?
A  No problem; we have somewhere for you to shower and pack before you leave for the airport/train station

.Q  We arrive on the same day we start our tour - is that a problem?
A  We can pick you up from the airport and go straight to the tour. Please remember to pick an itinerary that won't be too affected if your transport arrives late. We can advise you which itineraries to take if arriving the same day.

Q  Can I be dropped off at the airport/train station after the tour?
A  Yes, we can arrange that. Please just make sure to let us know your flight details when booking the tour.





What's New! - Karen Hilltribe Homestay
Our new program - touring to the Golden Triangle, north of Chiang Mai, for 3 days to enjoy the Golden Triangle area and experience living with the Karen hilltribe.

Day 1 Drive north of Chiang Mai, first stopping at the hotsprings at Mae
Kachan, then continue on to Chiang Rai and continue further north to visit the
border town of Mae Sai. This town is on the border of Thailand and Burma and is the
centre for cross border trade in the area. There are markets on both sides of the border.
Spend some time exploring the border market town. Then we drive a bit further to visit the Golden Triangle , where the three countries of Burma, Laos and Thailand meet on the Mekong River.
Take a longtail boat down the Mekong River (approx. 1hr) to Chiang Saen
and across to a Lao island. We explore the town of Chiang Saen with its ancient temples. We then drive back to Chiang Rai and check into our hotel. (L) (Wiang Inn Hotel)

Day 2 In the morning drive across upper Northern Thailand and visit Mae
Salong, an ethnic Chinese town set in the hills north of Chiang Rai. Mae Salong is
famous for its Chinese atmosphere and produces various Chinese agricultural products, the most famous being its Chinese tea.
Drive down from Mae Salong which gives you views across the hills of upper
Northern Thailand and visit Thaton and the Padong (long neck tribe). This
tribe is famous for the brass rings worn around the womens necks which
give the appearance of a long neck. Then continue on to the Karen
hilltribe village where we spend the night. Accommodation in the village is basic and we spend the night in a Karen hilltribe family house. Your guide will prepare dinner
for you and we spend the night in a village house with a host family.(B,L,D)

Day 3 After breakfast depart from the Karen village and drive south
towards Chiang Mai. On the way back stop at an elephant camp and ride on the elephants for approx. 1hr. Continue driving through the Northern Thailand scenery and stop off at an orchid farm before reaching Chiang Mai. Transfer to your hotel.(B,L)

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What's Popular! - Chiang Dao Elephant Camp + Padong ("long neck") tribe

This tour starts at 8.30am. You are picked up from your hotel by your guide. Drive north of Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao (approx. 1hr) to the elephant camp. At the elephant camp you will see the elephants taking their morning bath and demonstrating some of their skills. Afterwards take an elephant ride for approx. 1 hrs to a Lisu hilltribe village. The ride takes you through some of the lovely forest scenery and along the river. After lunch take a bamboo raft trip down the river for approx. 1 hr, admire the scenery and absorb the tranquility as you float down the river. Drive a few kilometers further to a Padong "long neck" tribe village. The women of the tribe wear long brass coils around their neck which actually pushes the collarbone down, giving them the appearance of an extended neck. This tribe has come from Burma as refugees in recent years due to the persecution of the Burmese government. Spend some time in the village and then drive back to Chiang Mai in the afternoon.
This tour ends when you are taken back to your hotel at approx. 5pm.



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What's Popular! - Doi Suthep Temple

Itinerary :  This tour starts at 9am. You are picked up from your hotel by your guide.
First drive from your hotel up to Doi Suthep Temple, which is approx. 12kms from downtown Chiang Mai. The majority of the route is a winding uphill journey passing through Doi Suthep National Park. At the base of the hill you will pass Chiang Mai Zoo and the Kruba Srivichai Monument.
At the end of the journey, we leave the car at the base of the temple steps. You can reach the temple by climbing the 190 steps or by taking the small "cable car" to the top.
Once at the temple you can admire the magnificent views over the temple valley as well as the temple atmosphere and architecture. The highlight is the inner sanctum which houses the enormous golden stupa.
Drive down from Doi Suthep and have lunch. Afterwards visit some of the many handicraft villages in the Sankamphaeng area. As well as seeing products you will be able to see how they are made. Products include - celadon, silver, furniture, jewellery, lacquerware, silk, saa paper, handmade umbrellas and more. Plenty of opportunities for buying bargains and beautiful handmade products.
The tour ends when you are taken back to your hotel at approx. 5pm  (L)


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Thai Cookery School

Thai cookery lessons every day at our Thai Cookery School. Learn how to make Green curry, Pad Thai and Papaya salad as well as many other popular Thai dishes.

Mandarin Oriental Chiang Mai
Stay at the luxurious 5 star Mandarin Oriental Dhara Devi in Chiang Mai


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One Day Mahout Course at Mae Sa Elephant Camp

The Sukothai Bangkok
One of Bangkok's favourite high end boutique style hotels
Oriental Bangkok
Perhaps the most famous of bangkok's hotels providing top of the range luxury by the Chaophraya River.
Tamarind Village Chiang Mai
One of Chiang Mai's favourite boutique hotels situated in the heart of Chiang Mai, very close to the Sunday walking street market.
Yangcome Village Chiang Mai
A very popular boutique hotel, very close to the Night Bazaar.






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