Thailand is part of South-East Asia and one of the major tourist destinations in the region.

The country has a system of constitutional monarchy which has nominal power over the elected government and national assembly.

The present king in Thailand, is His Majesty King Bhumibol who is one of the longest reigning monarchs in the world and is highly respected by the people of Thailand.

The present government is a coalition headed by Mr Taksin Shinawatra. Some of the aims of this government , include improving living standards of the rural people by encouraging them to use their talents and local raw materials , to produce items for the local market and for export.

Thailand has a population of approx. 60 million, of whom approx. 90% are Theravada Buddhists.
Approx. 80% of Thais make a living from agriculture.
Thailand produces and exports rice and many other agricultural products. Much effort is put into crop research in order to find a diversified range of produce for farmers to improve their income.

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Thailand is a peaceful country, whose Buddhist people prefer diplomacy to confrontation. It was never colonised by any Western power, due to the diplomatic skills of its kings and leaders at that time.

Present day Thailand has a lot to offer tourists and visitors to the region. Its people are among the friendliest you will find anywhere and its regions provide a diverse experience for the visitor.

Bangkok is the capital city, with a population of approx. 8 million. Its a vibrant place and is well worth a stop of a few days to see the main sights and check out the shopping opportunities.

Chiang Mai is the major destination in the North of Thailand. If you are looking for handicrafts this is where you will find the best selection. You will also be able to visit, hilltribes, elephant camps, waterfalls, National parks, local farms and more. This is the centre for culture and adventure trips in Thailand. You can enjoy, trekking, rafting, Thai cooking and see the architecture and scenery of the area.

Northern Thailand

Phuket, Hua Hin & Koh Samui are the three major destinations in Southern Thailand. Although many other destinations are becoming very popular, (such as Koh Phi Phi and Krabi). Southern Thailand has some beautiful beaches, as well as offering activities such as diving, snorkelling and island tours. There are also a number of excellent health spas in the south. Most people go to the beaches of Southern Thailand in the last part of their holiday. Its an excellent way to wind down and relax before you go home.

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