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Trekking in Northern Thailand

Welcome to the main trekking page of our website. This is the starting point to find any information about trekking that we have on our website. We have treks that run for 1-4 days in Northern Thailand, covering Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Son provinces. If you would like further information or if there is something you can't find on the website, please just contact us by filling in our  Trekking Enquiry Form  or drop us an E mail : trekking@wayfarersthailand.com

Our company has more than 20 years experience leading treks around Northern Thailand. We take small private groups so as to make minimum impact on the villages we visit. We teach you about Thai and hilltribe lifestyles and everything you see on the trip. There are trips for inexperienced and experienced hikers; families, couples and private groups. We are one of the few companies to organise all hiking treks for those who like walking.
For a special experience see our Doi Inthanon Trekking Adventure a great trek to do between the months of October-March.


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What's New! - Doi Inthanon Trekking Adventure
Our new program - trekking to the Doi Inthanon National Park for 3 days to enjoy the great outdoors with great views.

Day 1  Drive south from Chiang Mai for about 2 hrs, to the summit of Doi Inthanon (the highest mountain of Thailand). We visit the twin chedi monuments as well as the summit of the mountain. Then we drive downhill a short way and visit the Royal Project for agriculture. We take a packed lunch to have at the Vachiratarn Waterfalls. After lunch we drive a short distance (15mins) to the start of our hiking trail. In the afternoon we walk for about 2hrs to a Karen village where we spend the night. (Hiking is in the National Park itself). (L,D)

Day 2  Leave the Karen village and walk for approx. 3hrs to another Karen village where we have lunch. We walk for a further 2 hrs in the afternoon to the Karen village where we spend the night. Hiking on the second day is also in the National Park itself with lovely scenery, plant life and a climate considerably cooler than the lower lying areas. (B,L,D)

Day 3 Walk for for 2 hours to the elephant camp passing a waterfall on the way where we stop for a rest. We take a 1 hour elephant ride and then break for lunch. In the afternoon our transport will take us to the rafting point, and we raft down the river on bamboo rafts for approx. 1hr. Drive back to Chiang Mai which takes approx. 1hr.

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Highlights - Doi Inthanon National Park and its wonderful views and forest, as well as Karen hilltribe villages.

Our Most Popular Trek - Rural Siam
Day 1  Drive out of Chiang Mai (approx 2 hrs.) , first stopping at the elephant camp for a 1hr elephant ride and some rafting. Drive on to a small rural town and stop for lunch.  Then walk for 3 hrs. to a Lahu & Karen village. This takes you through farming areas and then the hills that lead to the areas inhabited by the hilltribes. We spend the night here, in a Karen house.
Day 2  A total walking distance of 4 hrs.; we stop at a Shan village along the way for lunch. The area we walk through is at a higher altitude than the first day and passes through forested routes and hilltribe farming areas. Continue on in the afternoon, until we reach an Akha village, where we spend the night. Learn about the fascinating Akha tribe and spend the night with the Akha host family.
Day 3  Walk for 3 hrs. to a Lisu village. Most of the walk is downhill and at the end of the trail are the farming areas of the Lisu and a large Lisu village. Stop for lunch, then drive back to Chiang Mai in the afternoon (approx. 2 hrs.)

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Akha host

Highlights - elephant riding and rafting, visiting many kinds of hilltribes in a remote unvisited area.

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