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Pwo Karen

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Akha woman

These treks are specially designed for people who enjoy seeing areas that are more 'off the beaten track'. These are treks that do not offer elephant riding or rafting, but they do offer the chance to see some remote hilltribe villages and hike through some of the most scenic areas. As with all our treks, because we organise for private groups, the itineraries can be changed to suit your needs, simply E mail us. In our opinion, these special trekking tours go to some of the best areas for trekking, in Northern Thailand; with some lovely villages and fantastic scenery. So if you like just hiking in the remoter areas, you should consider this kind of trek. We have listed some sample itineraries for you.

Two Day Trek

(ref. CMST2A)

starts 9am on day 1
ends 5pm on day 2
duration = 2 days and 1 night

Day 1    Drive north of Chiang Mai (approx. 2hrs), stopping for lunch in a small town. At the end of the drive , we are at the foot of a range of hills, which are home to the hilltribes of this area. We walk for 3-4 hrs. through farmland and low lying hills until we reach a Palong village, where we spend the night. (L,D)
Day 2   On this day a total walking distance of approx 4 hrs. We walk uphill to a Lahu village and then stop for lunch in a Karen village and continue walking through fields and wooded areas. On the way we pass through a Lisu village. The driver will be waiting for us at the end of the trail. After a rest we drive back to Chiang Mai (approx. 2 hrs.).

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In the jungle

Three Day Trek

(ref. CMST3A)

starts 9am on day 1   ends 4pm on day 3     duration = 3 days and 2 nights

Day 1    Drive out of Chiang Mai for 1 ˝hrs to the start of our hiking trip. Stop along the way for lunch. Hiking on the first day is mostly uphill for approx. 4hrs to a Karen village. Overnight in the village. (L,D)
Day 2   Walk for a total of approx. 4˝hrs passing through  Akha and Lisu villages. Arrive at a Palong village and spend the night. Fairly hard hiking on days 1 & 2. (B,L,D)
Day 3   Easier hiking on the third day for approx. 3hrs to the pick up point. Drive back to Chiang Mai (approx. 1˝hrs), stopping at the orchid farm on the way back. (B,L)
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Jack with the Lahu

Three Day Trek

(ref. CMST3B)

starts 9am on day 1   ends 5pm on day 3     duration = 3 days and 2 nights


Day 1    Drive out of Chiang Mai (approx 2 hrs.) and stop for lunch in a small town. At the end of the drive , we are at the foot of a range of hills, which are home to the hilltribes of this area. Then walk for 3˝ hrs. to a Lahu village  through farmland and low lying hills. We spend the night in a hilltribe home in the Lahu village.
Day 2   A total walking distance of 5 hrs.; we stop at a Shan village along the way for lunch. Continue on in the afternoon, until we reach an Akha village, where we spend the night. This days walking is mostly uphill in the morning passing through farming and wooded areas. In the afternoon the walking is a slightly more even gradient. The night is spent in an Akha family's house.
Day 3   Walk for 4˝ hrs. to a Karen village. Stop for lunch, then drive back to Chiang Mai in the afternoon (approx. 2 hrs.).
Four Day Trek

(ref. CMST4A)

starts 9am on day 1    ends 5pm on day 4  duration = 4 days and 3 nights


Day 1 Drive from Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao area (1 1/2hrs) In the afternoon
walk for approx 3 hrs to the village where we spend the night; which is a
Karen village (L,D)
Day 2  Walk for a total of 4-5 hours on the second day including a route
that takes us to a waterfall. Spend the night in a small village/camp in the
hills. (B,L,D)
Day 3   Walk for approx 4 hrs .Spend the night in a Palong village
. The hiking on days 1-3 is fairly hard, so you must be fit and prepared to walk uphill for long stretches. (B,L,D)
Day 4  Walk from the village for 2 hrs to the pick up point and then drive back to Chiang Mai.
Walking on the last day is an easy hike.  (B,L)
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The Hills of Northern Thailand

On all these treks you will be accompanied by a licensed, English speaking guide who will also speak the hilltribe languages. There will be at least one porter to carry group provisions. If you wish to hire your own personal porter, you can do so at a small additional cost.
Your guide will not only take you to the villages and guide you along the trails, he will also explain about the hilltribes and the area. You will be able to learn about the these tribes, their customs and their daily lives.

For more information on trekking please read:   
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Information about what you should bring for a trek in Northern Thailand. Additional information about what is appropriate for each season.
Hilltribe & Trekking Etiquette
What you should and should not do, whilst trekking and in hilltribe villages. Taboos and customs of the hilltribes as well as general advice.
The Hilltribes
Specific information on each tribe found in Northern Thailand.

For more information, please go to Details.

Chiang Mai Hotels

Chiang Mai Hotels - choose your accommodation in Chiang Mai. We provide a pick up service from airport or train station, directly to the hotel. Choose from a wide range of hotels; from budget to luxury, from city centre to rustic resort, from shiny modern to traditional Lanna charm. Something to suit all tastes.
Take a break in Chiang Mai. Our trekking trips include treks, accommodation and tours in one complete package.

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