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What to Bring

Rucksack   If you will be bringing a small rucksack with you anyway, then you can use your own, if you wish. But don't bring one specially for the trek as we can provide you with one that is suitable.


Hiking Boots  Bring your hiking boots or any suitable footwear you have for walking. Make sure they are worn in before the trek!

Hiking Boots

Flip flops/thongs  You will need these to wear in the evening and if we are walking through water. You can buy them in Chiang Mai, they only cost a couple of dollars for a pair. (Make sure they are plastic/rubber).


Clothes   Bring a pair of shorts and a T shirt for walking during the day. Also bring a change of clothes for the evening (long trousers and a long sleeved shirt are usually suitable). See more details on clothes to suit the season below.


Sleeping bag   You don't need to bring you own sleeping bag, we can provide you with these for the trip.


Lifejackets    All of our treks with rafting or boat trips are supplied with lifejackets.


Flashlight/torch   It's always a good idea to carry one with you when you are travelling. If you don't bring one with you, you can buy one in Chiang Mai before the trek.


Soap   Bring some soap for washing and some shampoo if you wish. No need to bring a large quantity. Don't forget your toothbrush! You can purchase all these items in Chiang Mai.


Towel   Bring a towel, just a small one will do. If you are travelling without one you can purchase one here in the market or department store. They cost approx. $3


First Aid Kit   All our guides carry a first aid kit on every trek. It will include such items as bandages, plasters/band aids, tubigrip/support bandages, iodine, dressings, electrolyte solution for dehydration, ointment for insect bites. However if you know that you might need some additional kind of medication along the trip, ie a particular support for a weak joint or medication for a particular allergy etc; then please bring this with you.
If you have any medical history relevant to trekking please let us know. If you have extreme reactions to bee stings you should bring your own medical kit.

First Aid Kit

Extra Items  - For bathing women should bring a sarong, as bathing is mostly not a private bathroom. (Sarongs can be purchased in the local market, approx. $2).It might just be a bucket and tap or water coming from a bamboo pipe. Men should have a pair of light weight shorts that they can wear to bathe in.
Please see
Hilltribe and Trekking Etiquette for more details.

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Seasonal Requirements


In addition to the items listed above you will need to bring the following according to time of year:

May-October    This is the time of year when it might rain (most rain falls July-September). It doesn't rain every day and it might not rain during your trek at all but you will need to be prepared.
Some people will be more comfortable walking in long trousers due to the wet undergrowth during this season, so take a pair just in case.
Don't bring a thick rain coat, the best protection is a light rain poncho or even a sheet of plastic. You can buy these in the market here and we always have a supply if you forget to bring one. It helps to line your pack with a plastic bag as extra protection against the rain. Your guide will supply you with one when you get your pack, if you are using your own pack just ask your guide for an extra plastic bag.

November-March   This is our winter, even though it's not very cold. However in the hills it will be a lot colder than Chiang Mai valley. The temperature might drop down to 10c at night so you will need long trousers and a sweater at night as well as some socks. Sunshine during the day means you can walk in T shirt and shorts quite comfortably.

April-May   This is our hot season (it also includes end of March). The temperature goes up to 40c and you will need T shirt and shorts for walking. At night you should be fine with long trousers and a T shirt. Make sure you bring a hat and plenty of sunscreen.

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