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These suggested itineraries will give you ideas on how you can spend your time in Northern Thailand.

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2 Days

Chiang Mai Highlights

Day 1   In the morning take a tour to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, the most famous temple in Chiang Mai.The temple commands a spectacular view over the area. The temple itself is built around the spectacular golden chedi. In the afternoon see a range of handicrafts that are produced in this area. A good chance to shop for items that are unique to the area.

Day 2   The elephant camp in the Mae Sa Valley, provides the perfect place to see elephants at close hand and to also take a ride. See the elephants going through their early morning routine and displaying their skills. Then discover what it is like to be on top of one of these magnificent creatures. After the elephant camp visit one of the large orchid farms in the Mae Sa Valley. You will not only see a magnificent collection of these tropical blooms but you will be able to learn about how they are grown too.

Doi Suthep Temple

3 Days

Chiang Mai Explorer

Day 1   Visit the most important temple of Chiang Mai, Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep. Admire the view from this hilltop vantage point and savour the atmosphere of the inner sanctum which houses the spectacular golden chedi. Drive down from this hilltop temple, passing through Doi Suthep National Park and continue on to Vieng Khum Kam. This is probably the first large settlement in the Chiang Mai area, even before the existing old city of Chiang Mai was conceived.
In the afternoon, tour the many handicraft centres, observing the processes involved in production and admiring the finished products.

Day 2   Take an adventure in the hills north of Chiang Mai. See the elephants in Chiang Dao and after watching the elephants going through their paces, take an elephant ride to a Lisu village. Afterwards go further north to see five different hilltribes: Lisu, Akha, Karen, Lahu and Palong. No strenuous walking is involved but time is taken to explore the villages and meet the people. You will be able to learn about and compare the different kinds of tribes and their customs. Late in the afternoon, return to Chiang Mai.

Day 3   Visit the ancient town of Lamphun, just to the south of Chiang Mai. Here you will see two famous temples - Wat Phrathat Haripunchai and Wat Kukut. After strolling around Lamphun, continue on to Ban Tawai which is famous for its woodcarving and antique reproductions.

Vieng Khum Kam

Elephant Ride

Palong Women

4 Days

Luang Prabang Discovery Tour

An adventure to the landlocked country of Laos to discover the famous town of Luang Prabang, (a UN World Heritage Site).

Day 1   Take a short flight to Luang Prabang from Chiang Mai. On arrival at Luang Prabang, transfer to the hotel. In the afternoon visit the Luang Prabang Museum in the former Royal Palace. Then stroll around the town of Luang Prabang with your guide and admire some of the many temples. Later in the afternoon climb up to Wat Phousi to get a panoramic view of Luang Prabang.

Day 2   Cruise up the Mekong River to the Pak Ou Caves, which house thousands of Buddha images. The caves are situated right on the banks of the river and in the past the many Buddha images were placed there as an offering to the spirits of the Mekong River. On the return journey stop at a village that makes their living by distilling whiskey and weaving also.

Day 3   Drive from Luang Prabang to the famous Kuang Si Waterfalls. The water cascades from limestone cliffs on many levels giving it an ethereal white appearance. On the return journey, stop at a Hmong village and then continue on to a weaving centre close to Luang Prabang.
The rest of the afternoon is free to wander around Luang Prabang at your leisure. Sample the pace of life, unchanged for centuries.

Day 4   Transfer to the airport, for a short flight to Chiang Mai.

View from Phousi

Luang Prabang Temple

Luang Prabang style Buddhas

5 Days

A Spectrum of Thai Culture

Day 1   Sample the delights of the Northern Thai countryside with a trip to the Chiang Dao elephant camp. Watch the elephants taking their morning bath and showing off their skills. Afterwards take an hour long elephant ride to a hilltribe village, getting a good view of the countryside that you pass through. Sample some bamboo rafting down the river. Glide past the lush vegetation and experience the thrill of travelling down the river on a bamboo raft. In the afternoon head back to Chiang Mai.
In the evening experience a traditional Northern Thai style Khantoke dinner. Sample the traditional food and see a spectacular performance of some of the many traditional dances.

Day 2   The beginning of a two day, one night trek into the hills around Chiang Mai. Drive to a small town north of Chiang Mai for lunch and in the afternoon walk to a hilltribe village. Experience Northern Thai rural life at first hand, learning about the plants and agriculture of the area.
The first night is spent in a Lahu village. The facilities are basic, but the company and the food is fantastic! Your guide will tell you about the villagers' customs, culture and daily life.

Day 3   Walk for a total of five hours today, so make sure you are reasonably fit. See the hilltribe farms and the scenery of the area. At lunchtime stop for lunch in an Akha village and after a short rest continue on to a Lisu village, which is the end of the trek. From this village, drive back to Chiang Mai.

Day 4   A free morning.
In the afternoon, visit some of the many temples in the city of Chiang Mai. Tour around the boundaries of the old city where you can see the remaining city gates and wall. Your guide will tell you about the history of Chiang Mai and the temples that you visit.

Day 5   See the highest mountain of Thailand, Doi Inthanon. Drive to the top of this mountain and admire the wonderful views. Walk along the nature trails to see how the flora differs from that at the lower altitudes. Then visit one of the magnificent waterfalls in the Doi Inthanon National Park as well as an agricultural research station and a hilltribe village. Before returning to Chiang Mai visit a village to see the weaving of the local cotton material.

Thai Dancer


Hilltribe Village

Jed Yot Temple

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