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Mae Hong Son Tours

Mae Hong Son is one of the most famous destinations in Thailand for those who wish to see the National Parks and fantastic scenery. You can get to Mae Hong Son by taking a short (40min) flight or driving along the northern or southern route. The northern route takes you through Pai and Soppong and shows you some of the most breathtaking hill scenery in Northern Thailand. The southern route takes you through Chomthong, Mae Sariang and Khun Yuam. This route also has fantastic scenery. Visiting Mae Hong Son you will notice the distinctive change in temple style; this is because the temples in Mae Hong Son are Shan style, the same as those in the Shan state of Burma. Mae Hong Son is the most sparsely populated province in Thailand, so you will notice there are less towns and villages and more forest and open space. It is a good place to go,  for those escaping from a big city and looking for holiday to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Your Holiday in Mae Hong Son can be either laid back or adventurous. If you want to tour the area and take in the scenery then try a tour of the sights, overland one way and flying to or from Mae Hong Son. If you want to do something more adventurous try a combined trek and tour, showing you off the beaten track as well the more well known highlights.
A combined trek & tour - this will show you the hilltribe villages, rural life and the amazing scenery of the area. See all the famous sights as well as some adventure such as elephant riding, rafting or hiking.
A relaxing tour  - will take you to the sights of the area, such as temples, caves and some hilltribe villages. Take in the fantastic scenery whilst touring in a comfortable A/C vehicle. 

The History of Mae Hong Son, dates back to the nineteenth century, when the town was founded as a training camp for elephants. The royal family of Chiang Mai hired the Shan people to capture wild elephants and train them in the area. The camp grew around the lake (Jongkham Lake), which was the elephants bathing spot. The people were kept busy here with the elephant trade which boomed and flourished along with the logging trade in the late 19th century and early 20th century. When the logging trade declined, Mae Hong Son then became a sleepy "backwater" town. It was often used as a place to transfer out of favour government officials, as it was so far from any other town. Mae Hong Son wasn't connected by any paved roads until the late 1960's, effectively cutting it off in the rainy season.
In the last couple of decades, Mae Hong Son has become a popular tourist destination, due to the magnificent scenery and peaceful atmosphere. 

The Temples of Mae Hong Son are unlike the others in Thailand, being of Shan style architecture. They have distinctive, intricate multi-tiered roofs.
Wat Doi Kong Mu is situated on a hill overlooking the town.The temple has two distinctive chedis which house the ashes of respected 19th century monks. In the viharn there is an unusual white marble Buddha.
Wat Jong Kham is an often photographed temple which stands on the Jong Kham Lake. This temple houses an intricately carved sermon throne and the much revered Buddha image of Luang Pho To.
Wat Jong Klang is famous for its paintings on glass. These paintings depict stories from the Buddha's previous incarnations as well as the Buddha's life. There is also a collection of impressive teak statues brought over from Burma. These statues are meant to depict characters from a Buddhist tale, using typical figures of Burmese society.

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